At Home Gel Nails

In 2024 we’re doing our nails at home and saying goodbye to the nail salon! I started doing my own nails in 2020, because nail salons were closed and I needed a new hobby. Now, 4 years later it’s safe to say I’m mildly obsessed. If you’re new to doing your own nails, I’ve included a list of essentials below. From basic beginner to higher end advanced supplies, this will help you wherever you are in your at- home nail journey!

*The things you must have in order of use: cuticle pusher, nail dehydrator, nail primer, extend gel, nail tip, base gel, color gel, top coat

Beginner Gel Kits: (includes base coat, color gels, top coat, and UV light) (includes base coat, color gels, top coat, and UV light) (includes dehydrator, primer, extend gel, top coat, nail tips, and small UV light)

Nail Dehydrator & Primer:

Nail Tips: (more affordable) (higher end)

Nail Extend Gel & Glue:

Flash Cure Nail Light: this is what you’ll use to cure the nail tip to your natural nail (you won’t need this if painting directly on natural nails) (has a cord) (cordless)

Large UV Nail Light: this is what cures the gel, so you must have a UV light (cordless) (has a cord)

Base & Top Coat:

Gel Polish: (23 pc set) (red set) (spring neutrals) (perfect brown) (milky white)

Chrome Powders: (used this one over brown for the glazed donut nails) (14 pc multi-color set)

Nail Removal:


Gel Nail Removal Kit

Nail Tools:

Nail File

Cuticle Pusher and Cutter

Nail Drill (for nail tip removal and cuticle prep)

Nail Swatch Wheel

Nail Art & Clean-up Brushes

UV Gloves

*Disclaimer: the links above are affiliate links, and I may receive commissions from purchases made via these links.

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