Summer’s Best Swimsuit Brand

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the beach, so I knew I was going to need to update my swimsuit collection before I left. Swimsuits are the one thing I absolutely HATE shopping for. Fitting room lighting is usually terrible, so it’s hard to feel confident in anything. Plus, I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed, but I’m convinced that swimsuits are getting smaller and smaller each year. As someone that has a larger bust in comparison to the rest of my body, finding a swimsuit that gives me coverage while staying on trend is always a struggle. I used to have to buy all my swimsuits from Victoria’s Secret, because they were one of the only retailers that sized their tops by band and cup size. I panicked a little when they announced they were no longer carrying a swim line, but ASOS quickly came to the rescue with their “Fuller Bust” line. They have a huge selection of affordable swimwear for every shape and size! Don’t be discouraged about ordering online, because ASOS offers 2-day shipping and free returns¬†on all your orders for the year for a one time fee of $19. I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth, and it’s only June!

This is the swimsuit I wore for Memorial Day weekend! It’s a deep indigo color, and yes, it’s velvet. I was a little worried about how the velvet would do once it got wet, but it was fine. I love that the high waisted style hides all the Memorial Day treats I ate, too! I’ll be sharing the other swimsuits I wore over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!




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