Combining Street Style and Athleisure

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week. Today I want to share with you one of my favorite everyday outfits. If you told me I’d be wearing tennis shoes with jeans 5 years ago, I would have laughed. Seriously, I thought jeans and sneakers didn’t mix for the longest time. Maybe because in my head I had flashbacks to the awful sketchers and straight leg jeans I wore in elementary school. I didn’t know how to style this combination in a way that was chic instead of childish. Now I realize that you can pair the right jeans with a cool sneaker and look totally on trend. The thing I love about this look is that it combines the street style trend with the athleisure trend, while still staying super low maintenance. This is an outfit that anyone can wear, since it’s made up of mostly basic pieces. A distressed pair of denim will never go out of style. The hottest trend in denim seems to be a distressed hemline and some cool rips at the knee. A good pair of jeans can definitely be an investment. If you have the funds, I’d recommend investing in some good jeans that will last you years to come. Butttt, as I’ve said before, I’m a little low on cash right now (post grad life struggles), so I actually bought a pair of cheap jeans and cut them myself. If you’re interested in seeing a tutorial on how I did that, just let me know! I think the frayed hem turned out really cool, and it adds a little edginess to any outfit! The key to finding the right pair of denim to wear with a sneaker is all about style and fit. I would stick with a fitted pair of jeans that stop at the ankle. You could also wear a distressed boyfriend style jean, but I personally prefer the more fitted look. I decided to pair the jeans with a basic oversized t-shirt and denim jacket (thanks to this Tennessee weather it was too hot to actually wear the jacket). Having these different pieces really pulls your outfit together. It gives off the casual but cool vibe haha. These are my absolute favorite tennis shoes I’ve ever owned. I love them no matter if I’m working out or just running errands all day. They’re super comfortable and casual enough to be worn with jeans. When looking for a good tennis shoe to rock the athleisure trend, make sure to pick a shoe that is casual and neutral. I’ll link some examples down below! Adding a few accessories can really pull this entire look together. I went with a cool hat with some leather and suede detailing, since I was having a bad hair day. Hats fix everything!

On a little side note, my good friend Denisse took these pictures for me and did an incredible job! We’ve known each other since middle school, but it’s been a few years since we’ve hung out. It’s so great to have friends where you may not see them for a while, but when you meet back up it feels like nothing has changed! We had planned on taking more pictures, but ended up talking for hours instead. It was a much needed reunion haha! You should all check out her photography account on instagram, her user name is @yodenissephotos 🙂 Thanks for reading, and I hope y’all have a great rest of your week!


Jeans: here (if you want to invest in a pair) and here (cheaper DIY version here)

T-Shirt: here

Denim Jacket: here (similar here and here)

Hat: similar here

Watch: here

Shoes: here (I also love these options: herehere, and here)

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