Surprises from The Lady Bag

Hello, everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend 🙂 I actually received a little surprise this weekend that I wanted to share with y’all. I’m sure many of you follow her, if you don’t you should, but Cara Van Brocklin (aka Cara Loren) is my favorite blogger of all time! I’ve followed her for years now, and I love her genuine and fun personality. She teamed up with Witney Carson and a company called The Lady Bag to give away a Louis Vuitton Alma bag. I rarely enter giveaways, because I literally NEVER win anything. My sister has always been the lucky one when it comes to sweepstakes or drawing or anything like that. But I really love Cara, and who doesn’t love Louis Vuitton, so I decided to enter just to see what happened.

Well, guess what?! I WON! I couldn’t believe it (I may have shed a tear or two…don’t judge). It was such an amazing feeling to receive something that I never in a million years would have dreamed of owning. Louis bags aren’t cheap, and I just never think I’ll be able to justify spending that much on a bag. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and have always wanted to own one. I just thought it was something that I would never be able to afford…most likely still true. So, what is The Lady Bag? It’s a family owned company that buys and sells pre-owned authentic designer bags. Since the bags are pre-owned, The Lady Bag is able to sell them at a discounted price. That’s what I love about The Lady Bag. Are the bags still expensive? Yes, but sometimes you can find a really good deal. The bags have different levels of wear and tear, which is thoroughly explained on each bag’s listing. You can find out more about the company on their website.

Once I found out I won, a member of The Lady Bag’s customer service emailed me asking for my shipping information. She was very helpful and remained in contact with me until the bag shipped. They also shipped it priority mail, which was nice! On Saturday I heard the doorbell ring and saw the mailman standing at my front door, so I knew my surprise had arrived. I opened the box to find a nice letter explaining how to properly care for and clean my bag, and they even sent some chocolate. These are the kind of small touches that mean a lot to me, because it shows the company genuinely cares about its customers. They didn’t have to send a note telling me how to take care of the bag. I could look it up on google if I really needed to, but they made sure I would know exactly what to do without having to sift through multiple different directions from sites that may or may not know what they’re talking about. The bag was also in a nice little dust bag, so it wouldn’t get damaged during the shipping process. I saved the best for last! The main reason I wanted to share this with you guys is because they sent me a coupon code! No one asked me to share this or write a post about it, and I will NOT receive any compensation if you use the code. I just thought if any of you were interested in purchasing any of their bags, it would be nice to have 20% off! I’m all about saving money. The code is family20 🙂 Let me know if you make a purchase! I’d love to see what you get. Also, on a little side note, I have a lot of exciting content coming to the blog over the next few weeks, so be sure to follow me on Instagram and like my Facebook page to stay up to date on my latest posts! Have a great week!


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