Yellow is the Happiest Color

It’s been said that yellow is associated with happiness, and I’d have to agree! Whenever I wear this yellow dress, I’m instantly put in a good mood. It also may have something to do with the fact I was eating a cupcake…but either way the dress is definitely becoming a favorite of mine. I’ve typically strayed away from yellow, because I was under the impression that blondes couldn’t really pull off this color. I was so wrong! I was in Target, shopping for everything BUT clothing, when of course I got distracted and came across this dress. I thought, “Wow…this dress is so cute, but I wish they had it in a different color. Yellow isn’t going to look good on me.” I walked away and continued my errands, but I just couldn’t get this dress out of my head. I knew it would be perfect for fall, so I went back the next day and bought it! Since then, I think I’ve already worn it 4 or so times. It’s pretty safe to say I’m obsessed. I think sometimes we get caught up in what we’re told looks good on certain body types, skin tones, hair colors, ect, but if you like something WEAR IT! Whenever I wear this pop of yellow, I get compliments. People are shocked to find out it’s from Target. I love when I find inexpensive pieces that could easily pass for a way more expensive brand. It just goes to show that it’s not all about the brand name!

The bell sleeves, the lace, the scalloped detailing…everything about this dress is perfect for fall! You could easily pair it with a flat bootie, tall riding boot, or even a sock bootie like I did. If y’all want to shop this look, you can find the exact pieces as well as some other similar ones below! What is your favorite fall color?! I’d love to hear from you guys. Have a great week!


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